How To Drying Roses For Tea?

There are so many ways to preserve roses and one of them is drying technique. Also there are so many purposes why roses need to be preserved. I have wrote so many ways you can do for drying roses. Among others are hanging roses upside down, heating the petals using oven, using silica gel or desiccant, using uncooked rice, etc. Please browse this site to read them.

The purposes of drying roses usually is for create crafting project or to keep the roses a live longer. On average, people know roses is a beautiful flower for creating wedding decoration, to make a bouquet of flowers, or just for planting in the backyard home. However, the fact roses can be consumed as food. One of them is being rose tea.

There are two basic ways on how to make rose tea. With fresh roses and with drying roses. But on this article, I’ll give you tips on how to drying roses for tea. Actually this process was very easy, but all it takes is patience. To preserved roses for a tea, you need to prepared this following ingredients.

  • Very fresh roses.
  • Tea bag or ziploc bag or bottle.

Yes, you just need only two ingredients above. How to drying roses for tea  at the very first is pick your roses. If you have roses plant at your home, that will be very easy to get. Or just ask your friends or whoever that has a roses plant. The most important things is free of pesticide because you will consumed it.

You need to pick the rose petals at daylight so the roses are on dry condition, don’t pick them after rain or still have dew on it. Because the petals will just get rot if not free of dew or wet.

Not every variety of rose petals can consumed to be roses tea, because there are sweet tasting and bitter. To make sure for this, you need to ask your local horticultural for advice. However, usually the sweet tasting fragrance is the variety that have sweet tasting.

After you pick your roses and remove the petals. Take your tea bag or ziploc bag or clean and dry bottle. Fill it with your rose petals about three quarters because they need some air. Then put them in a warm, dry and dark place to dry.

At this stage, your patience is the key. Depends on the humidity of your environment, the rose petals will drying for a few days to a week. Then, after they are drying well, you just need to make rose tea by brewing with hot water.

The taste will be a bit sour, so you can just add sugar or honey to make it good. That’s it, this is the tips on how to drying roses for tea. Hope you can enjoy your rose tea by your own home made.


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