Tips to How Preserve Flowers

If you wonder how preserve flowers, today we are going to give you lists on preserving flowers you get. Flowers are not only flowers especially if it brings you to a certain memory you do not want to forget. For instance, you get roses from your loved ones, to make the memory last longer, you can try to have preserved roses so that your roses last forever.

The process to preserve flowers will depend on several things like the color of the petals whether it is already turned brown or not, or have the flower petals fallen off. And you also need to consider that the best time preserving flowers will be when they are in full bloom. We have listed several tips you follow for how preserve flowers.

The Aim of Preserving Flowers

The first thing to do is setting the aim. What do you want to do with the preserved flowers? You may give it to somebody, or make it as decoration by hanging them on the wall. Decide your purpose first before starting to preserve the flowers you have.

Set a Location

After thinking about the goal, try to find a good location to put your preserved flowers. Make a special place for it and find a location where it can permanently reside. The location you choose will be dependent on the method you use to have preserved flowers.

Choose the method you desire and prepare several materials on hands such as rubber bands, hooks, silica gel, scissors, paper, and also sand.

Keep it From Direct Sunlight

Sunlights will fade on the color of the flowers. Thus, avoid putting your preserved flowers directly under the sun. Make sure that you have a place where you can display your preserved flowers without putting it near large glass windows or doors. By trying this way, you will get colorful and beautiful flowers faded after several months.

 You May Lose Some Flowers

In the preserving process, you may lose some flowers. Because there is a chance when your flowers get destroyed or damaged during the preservation. To avoid this, you can make extra care to make sure that nothing happens with your preserved flowers. Yet sometimes it results in the flowers cracks easily or is too brittle.

There are also several ways to preserve flowers. An easy to try is by using your stack of books. It may be the simplest way for how preserve flowers. This way is also a low risk since your flowers will not be messing up because you just put it between book pages and leave it. It takes at least a month to get all the petals dry out.


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