How Long Roses Stay in the Vase Naturally?

If you asked that question of how long roses stay in the vase naturally, you come to the right place. Here I have made a test to know how long roses will stay in the vase without any additions. Yes, just keep the fresh cut roses flower in the water of vases and see how long they can last.

This is a real test without any engineering. The roses are fresh from the garden, not from florist so the test are made really from the day when the roses harvested. I use the standard roses cut flowers  red color which have name sexy red rose.

The results may different in any circumstances if you want to make the same test. Different type of roses, their color, humidity level of environment are the big factor of the results. On this test, just I said before I use the sexy red rose and keep the vase in the low humidity.

Although any circumstances will make a different results, this test only to give you a reference of how long roses will stay in the vase naturally without any additions. So, when you know the answer, you can decided to buy a fresh roses cut flowers for what situation.

The fresh roses cut flowers to be stored in the vases surely will not last forever because they are real flowers which can died anytime. The results will also different when you make a same test using roses cut flowers from the florist. It is because the roses from the florist can be not very fresh.

I mean, it can be their ages are one, two or maybe three days  after harvested from the garden. So, it may they have shorter ages when you stored in your vase at home.

If you doesn’t like to know that the fresh roses cut flowers doesn’t have a long life when you stored in the vases, don’t worry. Because, nowadays there are real roses that can last longer or even forever. So, what kind of real roses that can last forever?

This roses are called preserved roses. This is not a new roses type, but the preservation technique that made the roses can last longer or even forever.

Okay then, back to the topic of how long roses stay in the vase naturally? You can check the answer from the video below. I hope this test that I have made, really could be your reference to care your roses cut flowers in your vases.


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