Hanging Roses Upside Down (How to Air Drying Roses)

Preserving roses by hanging roses upside down is known as air drying method. Preserved roses or rose petals are used in so many ways including for memorabilia, accessories, and many more.

The method of air drying is probably one of the oldest methods in flower preserving history. The rose is hanged upside down in a cool and dark place to slowly take out the moisture out.

This method can keep the shape and color of the rose well. However, this method is that it takes a long time. If you want to try it, below are the step by step method of air drying by hanging roses upside down.

Trim the Stems of the Rose

The first thing you need to do when you want to air drying the rose is to trim the stem. Trimming the stem is going to help release the moisture of the flower. Trim the stem of the rose but not too short. At least, leave 6 inches of the stem for drying. Do not forget to remove the foliage of the flower from the stems as well.

Remove the Leaves

Leaves has water in it and it will prevent the rose from getting preserved properly. It will slow the drying process eventually. That is why leaves should be removed. If you want to preserve the rose with the leaves, just keep in mind that leaves are not going to dry nicely. It is better for the rose to get removed.

Tie the Rose Stems Together

If you want to preserve more than one rose, make sure that you tie the rose stems together. Make sure that you use strong rubber band to tie up the stems so that they do not fall apart. Leave 2 inches of space beyond the rubber band to hang the rose.

Set the Place

Find a dark and cool room. The suggestions are including laundry room, attic, and basement. String a clothesline near the ventilation. Attach the rose to a hanger and then tie up the rose bundle to the hanger using rubber band. You need to hang the rose bundle upside down so that the moisture can escape from the rose quicker.

Leave Them Be

Leave the rose in the dark room for two or three weeks. Check it up every once in a while to make sure that the rose is slowly drying out. The method of air drying is great for a whole rose.

However, you can also apply this method to preserve rose petals. You can place the rose petals on a tray and then place the tray in cool and dark place. Leave it for several weeks there. If you ask how to preserve rose petals, this is one of the methods you can do.

Spray with Hairspray

After the preservation is completed, you can take the rose down and then spray them with hairspray so that the color and the shape of the rose remain the same. Preserving roses by hanging roses upside down is indeed one of the easiest method of flower preservation that you can try.

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