Simple Ways to Make Freeze Dried Roses

Have you ever heard the term freeze dried roses? Well, roses are kinds of flowers which are really beautiful and romantic. More than just a flower, it is also a symbol of love, romance, and even passion.

So, it is so good if you may want to make something from the roses. However, roses are living flowers that cannot be lived longer after the stems are cut. Based on that fact, there should be some ways to be applied so that they can be beautifully used as the ornaments, decorations, and even souvenirs.

With the ideas of freezing and drying, your everlasting roses can just be realized. So, how to make them? There are actually some ways which are so easy to follow. Just check them out.

Using Silica Gel

The first way is by using silica gel as the medium to freeze and then dry the flowers. First of all, you may prepare all the materials and tools needed. Of course, you have to prepare the fresh flowers with no damages.

It is more recommended to use roses which are not really blooming yet to keep the quality of final results. Then, prepare also silica gels and some containers. You should pour the silica gel in the container at first until it is up to 1 or 2 inch depending on the large or depth of the container itself.

Put your flowers there and then pour the silica gel to cover all parts of your flowers. Put the container into the freezer for 3 to 4 weeks. Yes, the process takes a long time indeed. At the first week, the temperature could be set into the lowest one.

Then, you should rise the temperature slowly continuously in the following weeks. After the freezing is over, you can take out the container and clean the roses from the remaining of silica gel. Your roses are ready to be displayed.

Using Uncooked Rice

Rice and other kinds of grain can also be used to replace the silica gel. In general, the process to make the freeze dried roses this way is almost the same with the previous point. However, there are some specific things that you should notice as well.

You may prepare all the things needed at first. They are the fresh roses, containers along with the lid, foil tape, and a pinhole. For the roses with small sizes, you can use some mason jars in which each jar is only filled with one rose.

However, it is still allowed using the bigger one. Pour the rice as the lowest layer and then put the roses there. Cover the roses with rice and other types of grain then. Lastly, put on the lid. The lid should be punched with the pinhole right on the center to make a small hole.

Next, cover the hole with the foil tape prepared before. Put the container of roses in the refrigerator and then you may wait it for two weeks to get the perfect freeze dried roses.


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