Facts Behind The Rose Plants

On this occasion we will be discussing all the information and facts about the rose tree or roses plant. These plants attracted many plant lovers because it has a very beautiful flower. Plus, roses have so many species with very diverse colors. So how do we recognize the rose plant to distinguish it from other flowering plants? Here, we will discuss some of the criteria for roses plant that we can make a benchmark in recognizing it better. We will discuss about the physical characteristics of rose plants from the stems, leaves, and of course the flowers it self. In addition, there is some additional information that you can use to complement your dictionary at the roses chapter.

Rose Plants Criteria

According to the dictionary of plants, roses included in family whose lives creeping shrub or a ride. You also need to know that the roots of the rose plant is a taproot because this plant is dicotyledonous manifold or double seeding. Therefore, even though the rose plant can not grow like a mango tree but the roses plant is a trunked wood tree. This is due to dicotyledonous plant species usually has a cambium which allows the trunk to swell. Furthermore, roses plant species also have a strong taproot. However, the roses stems can climbing and live on another tree that is larger or even other objects such as walls and pillars for the type of vines rose.

rose plants

Usually roses plant can grow very tall and big too. But it is also influenced by the species of roses. There are roses that can reach two hundred centimeters. There is also the height is only sixty centimeters. This type of roses usually known as mini roses that can not grow up tall (we usually called it as baby rose). Usually this type of rose plant is suitable to planted in small pots to decorate the home page.

In addition to the above characteristic features, other criteria that can be seen from the roses is the stem of the tree is thorny. These spines is also different from each species roses that exceeded one hundred types (more or less). There are several types of roses that have lots of thorns and tight. But there are also several types of roses which have rarely thorns and even a spineless. The thorns level of sharpness contained in rose plant is diverse too, there are sharp and some are not. Usually thorns on rose plants located all over the stems, but some are only found at the base of the stem only.

After discussing the criteria of the stems and thorns, other traits exist on a rose plant that is the most preferred is they beautiful flowers . In the world of roses, in the flower section there are several different types. There is a flower which does not have a double and consists only of five petals. But there is also a category of roses that have a double flower. Usually this type of rose have a flower that piled stacks and the number of petals could be dozens in each flower. Furthermore, leaf sheath part also have various kinds too. There are wavy leaves, and some are straight pinnate. Of course, the form of leaf sheath is also following to the types of roses were planted, so it certainly will add to the beauty of the rose plant as a whole.


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