Drying Roses in 3 Easy and Simple Ways

Have you ever thought about drying roses? Of course, such a thing is sometimes really important. The roses are probably very special because they are from your special ones as well. However, as the roses themselves are living creatures, it seems that they cannot be long lasting just after being picked up.

So, what should we do anyway? Interestingly, there are some ways you can do in order to make your roses are more durable. You should not worry,  you can also do it yourself. So, how are they? Just continue your reading anyway.

Air Drying

This is probably the simplest way of all. First of all, you should choose roses with the best blooms for the best results as well. Besides, make sure also that they are still in the fresh conditions without any flaws or damages.

Since the moisture is basically not good for the durability of your roses, it is better than to let it dry. Actually, there are some ways you can do. However, air drying can be chosen the most as this method is able to keep the roses fresh and good looking.

To optimize the process, you can cut the stems of those roses until all of them are in the same length. Then, bind some of them using rubber band and hang them upside down. You can use hanger that you commonly use to dry your clothes for this. You may wait it for some days until the roses are not wet or moist at all.

This way is actually enough. However, if you want it to be dry more and even more durable, you can use your hairspray. Spray the roses all around until all of them look dry more.

Heating the Roses

Dry is closely related to the heat. Therefore, you can take advantages of heating tools around you to make such roses. The first is using oven. For this method, put the roses on a tray in which there is already the paper for making cakes.

Then, put the roses on tray in the oven for three hours. After that, you can find the roses dry and also more durable. Another way is by ironing it. Sure, you should not put the iron directly on the roses. Again, you need to cover it with paper at first. Therefore, the roses can be dried more easily without producing any damage. After ironing them for several times, you can remove the papers as cover and place your roses in the place which is dry as well.

Using Silica Gel or Desiccant

Silica gel is always good for preserving something including preserve the rose. Of course, it means you can use it to make your roses more durable and dry. The roses can be put in a container which is full of silica gel. And the silica gel should cover it completely from the stem to the petals. You may close the container tightly so that the air cannot be come up. Similar way can also be used using desiccant for getting durable and drying roses.



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