How to Make Dipped Roses with Gold

Dipped roses can be good choices for ornaments, decorations, souvenirs, or favors. Undeniably, roses are kinds of flowers which are both classic and romantic. They always look beautiful for being placed anywhere.

Unfortunately, just like other flowers or plants, they cannot live longer once you have picked them out. Sure, it means you will need to do some efforts in order to make them more everlasting.

Interestingly, there are actually so many ways to make your roses more durable and not easily wilted (preserve roses). One of them is by gold-dipping it. So, are you curious how to make it? Just follow the following instructions.


Things to be Prepared

Of course, first of all, you need to prepare some things that are needed. As the main material here is the roses, make sure you prepare some stems of roses which are fresh, healthy, without any noticeable damages.

It is better if you are able to choose roses that are in the beginning of their blooms. Meanwhile, you should also avoid them that have already opened as the petals will be more difficult to protect.

Other materials and tools necessary are the gold plating kit, clear Electrophoretic Lacquer spray, rubber gloves and apron, protective goggles, coating wax, and microwave or other heating source. For the apron, goggles, and wave, they are actually optional. It is because the main functions of them are basically for protecting yourself. However, it is still recommended to have them all.

How to Make Them

Roses which are selected should be cleaned at first to make sure that the final results are perfect. Then, for the best result, you may start it all by cutting the stems until all of them are in the same length; it is around 5 or 6 inch for much easier dipping.

Next, coat the roses and then spray them using the clear Electophoretic Lacquer you have prepared before. Make sure that you spray them evenly. Besides, you should also spray them repeatedly for the more good-looking results, particularly in term of colors. Then, you can let them dry for around one hour or even more until you are sure that the spray is not sticky and wet anymore.

For gold-dipping, you can start it by heating the gold on the gold plating kit until the gold is melted and formed liquid. Of course, in this step, you have to protect yourself with the tools mentioned above.

On the plating kit, there is already the necessary instruction. It is by remembering that the instruction available in every brand will be different from one to another. It is then the time to color the roses with real gold. You may dip the rose with a position in which the rose bud is facing down. Sink all the parts of rose slowly into the melted gold.

Again, the duration of sinking should be based on the instruction on the gold plating kit. If the roses are sunk longer, it seems that the gold layer can be thicker. Lastly, dry the dipped roses for 24 hours until the gold is hardened.

Photo source: Gold Dipped Rose


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