Did You Know That We Can Preserve Roses In Water Using Sugar?

Last time I wrote about similar topic to this that is how to preserve roses in water using coins. In this article we are going to discuss about another ways of how to preserve roses in water (in your vase). But this time is using sugar. Yes sugar, did you know that we can preserve roses in water using sugar?

However this tips is really good for people who get their rose cut flowers that are still bud. Sometime this could happens if you are a regular customer of rose cut flowers from some florist. If you asked some florist to delivered you for rose cut flowers with regularly, for example you asked them every week.

The florist usually getting their roses from their regular farmers with somehow the roses will not always with good blooms. Because what? Because fresh roses are plant and not goods that can create easily with perfect condition using machine. The roses quality are made with nature factors that somehow the farmers couldn’t get their perfect harvest of roses.

And when they are bound with an agreement that their should always delivered roses every week, sometime they are forced to meet the quantity of florist request. When their roses are not in good condition such as doesn’t yet blooms well or stil buds. Their just harvested only for meet the quantity request by the florist.

But, maybe the florist know how to make the roses bloom before their delivered to you. But sometime maybe they just doesn’t have time to make it. However, many florist are working hard to delivered good roses with their perfect blooms and you may very rarely received roses that are still bud.

But, if you for some reasons received roses that are still bud or you just love getting rose bud because you love to see when their flowers open, this tricks of how to preserve roses in water using sugar is perfect for you. Because you know what? Sometime when you received a fresh rose cut flowers that are still buds and you keep it into your vase, sometime and somehow their flowers doesn’t want to open up. So this uses of sugar is the simple tricks that you can try.

The sugar theory for your roses is because they can nourishes them, similar with the sugar rush that occurs during their photosynthesis. However the sugar can promote the bacterial growth. As we know that for preserving roses in vase we need to hold their growth.

So to make your rose bud open up while you must preserving it to make them last longer, what to do is another simple trick. You just need also to added the vinegar. Because the theory of vinegar is inhibits the bacterial growth.

Here Are The Steps

Cut the roses stem in a slooping position. Get your vase, added with warm water that can filled the cut stems by 3-4 inches. Before you insert your roses into the vase, add one teaspoon of sugar and a half teaspoon of vinegar. Then stirring it, this is the reason why you need to fill the vase with warm water because to dissolve them easily.

That’s it, you will be surprised how long your rose cut flowers blooms beautifully and stays fresh. Please have a try.


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