Did You Know That We Can Preserve Roses In Water Using Coins?

So many people who loves roses flower want to kept this flower forever because it’s beautiful, isn’t it? But in facts, it’s so difficult to do whether it is the plants or the cut roses. For the roses plant, usually can last within 5 to 7 years in my country which is have only two seasons (summer and rainy), with notes that the grower can treat well the roses plant.

However in this article, we are going to discuss about rose cut flowers. Rose cut flowers usually can make our day great because we can kept it in the vase at home, office or room that usually visited by us to make our eyes fresh. But, how long we can kept the rose cut flowers in the vase? One week, 4 days, or just one day?

How long the rose cut flowers will last is depends on so many factors. But in general, the most factor strongly influenced of how long the cut rose flowers will last is “when”? Yes, the key is “when”! When the roses was cut from their plant? The more you can get a very fresh rose cut flowers,  the more you can kept your roses much longer in your vase.

So, to make it happens you can planting you own roses and cut by yourself for kept it in the vase. However if you doesn’t have it, the only way that you can get it is buying at the florist. But, the weakness if you buy it from the florist, you don’t know how long the roses has stayed, don’t you?

If we ask them, we don’t know if they are telling the truth or not, they can say it very fresh but the truth is the roses has 3 days at their shop, who knows right? So, to prevent this, you need to buy the cut rose flowers from the florist which has a high credibility.

Okay, let’s say now you have a fresh rose cut flowers. Now you want to kept it in your vase right? And you must want to kept it for long, but in average the rose cut flowers will only last in your vase with water is about 4 days. But it can stay last longer if we change the water every day, so the very basic ways to preserve roses in water is to change the water everyday. Please read my previous article about this here: How To Make Rose Bouquet Resistant Longer?

However, we can add their live much longer using this simple trick. Did you know that we can preserve roses in water using coins? Yes, we can add coins into the vase to preserve roses in water.

The coins usually made from copper and the theory is (the copper) can act as a natural antibacterial agent. And the theory of why rose cut flowers withered is because their stem if we kept it in the water will rot because there are bacterial in there. So to preserve roses in water is how to hamper the bacterial growth.

With using coins or penny into your vase, at day four, usually the roses will open and look a little droppy. At day 7, the roses usually still looking good but the blooms have opened up in regular pattern. So, the summary your roses will stay much longer after adding the penny into the vase, the blooms were to slow but beautifully then whitered quickly.

Using coins you can kept your roses up to 7 days, much longer than only using water. However, after you know the very basic ways of how to preserve roses in water which is you need to change the water every day, now you can do at once. Insert your penny into your vase with water, and change the water and wash the penny everyday.

Please have a try, thank you.


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