Bouquet of Roses – Make Your Own Bouquet To Save Money

Received a bouquet of roses on any special days would be memories that will never be forgotten. Similarly, if you are the person who gives such a bouquet of roses. Like a special gift that can make the atmosphere more romantic feel more.

However, a bouquet of beautiful roses is certainly not cheap. But do not worry. You can really make your own bouquet, even if you are a beginner though. Of course this could be an alternative way that is more efficient and also fun, isn’t it?

First of all, let us recognize the basic models in arranging roses.


Bouquet of Roses Basic Model

 To be able to make a bouquet of roses by itself, of course you have to recognize and learn some models are often used in ornamental flower arrangement. Some of them are round models, oval models, diagonal models, vertical models, horizontal models, and the triangle models. In addition, there are crescents models, forming a crescent moon. There are also the model which has the right angle. You also need to know the model invented-T that looks like an inverted T shape. And also fan models that from the name itself we already know how the shape of this model.

William Hogarth, an artist from the United Kingdom created a form bouquet of roses and famous until now. The circuit is called the Curve Hogart, built in the Baroque period. This model has a shape like the letter S.

Tips To Make a Bouquet of Roses

Actually, to make a bouquet of roses does not drain a lot of time. In fact you could say this is an alternative way to make cost cheaper, compared to buying from a florist. For that, let’s consider the tips below:

Cleaning the Stalk Rose – Rose is famous for stem filled with thorns. To be safe, you should snip / remove all the thorns. Be careful that no thorns pierce your fingers.

Cutting the Stalk rose – to make rose remain fresh, cut the stems at least in part the leaf base with step tilted downward or upward. Do it under the flowing water is the best. Put the flowers in a vase of water.

Start Assembling – Combine about 4 roses to serve as its center. Use one hand and hold on tight. Add another flower one by one using the other hand.

Tying Bouquet of Roses – Use rubber bands or adhesive tape special for flower to restrain the flower arrangements you have made to keep it in place. Paste up to 8-10cm long stalk. Perform the first point to point number four, at least until you have 4-5 tie bouquet of roses. Return it to a vase of water.

Last Touch – Combine roses bond that you have to make a larger bouquet of roses. Tie with adhesive tape until the end of the stalk. This is where you define the form of a bouquet of roses as if you wanted. Choose a gorgeous satin fabrics and dressing from the bottom up to the top of the stalk. Use a pin to hold the tape does not fall. After that, tie and make a beautiful ribbon shape.

That’s how an easy way to make a bouquet of roses that you can give to the special person in your life. Not a difficult job, if you have the time to learn and try it at home. Good luck!

Photo credit: Ronald Sarayudej


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