Blue Roses

When we talk about roses that rare exist, blue roses are the kinds of roses in addition to black roses that are still not many people know the truth. If the black roses is true, although the true color of the roses is not pure black, but it is magenta color or purple that very dark, but the existence of the original blue roses still questionable. Is it true that in this world there are roses with blue color? If there were, where we can see the beauty? Let us find out some facts about the blue roses plants together here.

Facts About The Blue Roses

At first, the blue roses is not real in the world of horticulture in the world. People only use artificial coloring blue to modify the white roses. Not surprisingly, the blue roses can easily be found through the search engines on internet but we will recognize the blue roses are still visible with white color basic. This is caused by the dyeing process of white roses with the blue dye. First we mix the homemade blue dye powder into a bucket of water, then we dip the slices of white roses that we want to change the color to blue. Set aside some time until the blue color is absorbed by roses and petals. This coloring process is already very common, such as tuberose flower coloring process that has been widely traded.

Blue rose

Roses Genetic Engineering

Though blue roses that existed at that time is a simple modification to use artificial dyes, but scientists horticulture feel challenged to learn about the blue rose with more depth. In 2004, a Japanese company called Suntory officially unveiled their findings the genetic blue roses. After more than thirteen years of research on roses and pigmentation, the Suntory company cooperated with Florigene, a company from Australia, have successfully engineered the white roses to produce a blue color. Despite the fact that the resulting blue color is not the light blue color in general, but Suntory blue rose has a lilac color that comes closest to the blue color than other genetic engineering.

Did you know that blue color on all types of plants formed due to plant pigments called delphinidin. This pigment is the result of anthocyanin pigments which is the main pigment in plants. Delphinidin is the pigment that colors affect plants or flowers become apparent colored blue. This pigment commonly found in plants that have dark red color such as blue or purple false, cranberries, raspberrry, blueberry, blackcurrant and violet eggplant.

That pigments is the scientists horticulture main weapon in creating a blue rose by genetic engineering. Although the research process takes a very long time, but the results obtained are quite satisfactory. Until now, the Suntory roses are already traded extensively throughout the world. According to the newspaper, the company Suntory fix the price ten times more expensive than usual roses seedlings. If seeds regular roses only around two hundred to three hundred yen, the price of blue rose seed Suntory could reach three thousand yen.


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