Benefits of Roses, Complete Along explanation !!

Most people use roses as a tool to create romance in a relationship, especially from men to women or vice versa. In addition, it is usually used as a tool to express one’s feelings of love to the prospective partner (confession of love – or to ask someone out),  decoration to beautify the room, wedding decoration and many more.

That is because roses have a very attractive appearance. However, the actual benefits of roses is not just limited to these. Roses also have benefits for human health. Here are some benefits of rose:

Benefits of Roses For Decoration


Roses that can be planted in pots and has a size not too high, suitable used to decorate your minimalist home yard.

Roses as a tool romance between the couple, especially roses cut flower, choose the pretty one, fragrant, have long stalks and are not easily broken.

Roses can be made into perfume. Done by distillation and evaporation petal is referred to as one of the essential oil and the results of this process form the rose oil. However, not all types of roses can be used as a perfume, because not all types of roses have fragrance.

Benefit of Roses For Medicine

Halitosis medicine: Take a few fresh stem red roses, put rose petals in a glass of water, soak a night (for a maximum results, the glass should be stored outside the home in order to condense). After one night, filtered the water and add rock sugar. You can drink the concoction three times a week.

Treating swelling in the legs: Blood circulation that is doesn’t smooth in the legs can cause swelling, to treat it, take 2-3 stem roses, add 30 grams of Blumea balsamifera leaves then wash it. After that, boiled them with 600 ml water  up to be 300 ml. Drink 2 times a day after meals.

Dry Cough medicine: Wash 10 grams of dried roses and add 30 grams of sugar cubes. Both steaming to come out of water or half-cooked. Then strain the water and drink while still warm.

Overcoming irregular menstruation: Wash 15 grams of roses, 90 grams of aloe vera and 15 grams of saraca asoca. Then those three ingredients boiled with 600cc water up to be 200cc. After that strain and drink 2 times a day after meals.

Reduce headache: When you get headache, roses can decrease it because it contains substances that calming and therapeutic effect.

Other Benefits of roses as medicine is to treat digestive problems, anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsive, as a tonic, insect bites, attacks against measles, bruises, calf cramps, and the uterus down.

Benefits Roses For Healthy Skin

Beautify Skin: Roses contains of fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6, so roses could repair damaged skin and make the skin beautiful and soft.

Anti-aging: Protect your skin from wrinkles (premature aging) and inflammation with rose water. This is because roses contains a polyphenol  and collagen, which can make the skin moist or can be used as serum.

Preventing skin diseases: skin diseases and eczema can be overcome by the water rose because it can maintain your skin’s natural PH balance.

Eliminate Acne: your acne can be lost with rose water. Your skin could be looking younger and smoother because of rose water content can tighten the skin and reduce skin pores.

Balancing oil on the skin: If your skin is oily or dry. Then rose water can balance it becomes normal as it can balance the production of sebum on the skin.

Cleanliness skin: You can get natural antiseptic / antibacterial from rose water of their petals, so it can cleanse your skin thoroughly. Also can cure various skin diseases such as burns, irritation and redness of the skin due to the effect of enlargement of the capillaries.

Other Benefits of Roses

Roses contains Vitamin C: Get your Vitamin C from roses to your body. You can consume a rose in a way made into tea roses or jam.

Healthy Hair: Let your hair remain healthy with collagen content in the roses.

Reduce Stress: Roses can be a reliever of anxiety and depression medicine. This is because roses contains fragrance and substances of roses can provide a sense of comfort.

Roses can also clean the teeth and nourish your eyes.

*From various sources.


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