Aspirin: Not Only For Human, But For Roses Too

Maybe you already know that aspirin used by us (humans) to treat pain, fever and inflammation. But did you know that aspirin is good for roses too? Don’t think that aspirin could treat pain, fever and inflammation for roses because roses is not humans and they not suffer like that. But, the aspirin has another function if we used for rose cut flowers.

Yes, the aspirin could make your rose bouquet live last longer when you added to the water of your vase. So, did you know that we can preserve roses in water using aspirin?

Aspirin, also known as acetylsaliclyic acid (ASA) helping to increase the acidity of the water move up the stem and because of that, your roses or another cut flowers could stay last longer in the vase. Usually they can help the roses remain fresh for 5 to 9 days.

How To Preserve Roses In Water Using Aspirin?

So, how to do this trick? It’s just adding the aspirin to the water and we just keep cool and doing nothing? This trick is easy but how we do is not as easy like that. They are two ways that you can try it at home. But before that, you need to know that we must doing the very basic things for preserving your roses in vase.

When you get your roses cut flowers, the first thing to do before you put it into your beautiful vase, you need to cut the stems about one centimeter. Cutting the stem is very important especially when you get your roses from the florist that usually the tip of the stem has drying. The theory of this when you not cutting the stem is because they will difficult to absorb the water which is very important for the flowers.

You need to cut using a clean and sharp pair of secateurs, must clean secateurs to minimize the growth of bacteria. Also you must cut with a sloping position for a better intake of water. If you cut with a straight position, the entire surface of the tip of the stem will touch the surface of your vase which will make they difficult to absorb the water.

Don’t let the foliage touch the water, so you need to remove them if they are any foliage in the lower portion of the stems.

Okay know after you have met the condition above, fill half your vase with clean water and add one tablet of aspirin then of course input your roses to the vase. Leave it for one day, then you need to add another tablet and you just keep cool and enjoy your fresh roses.

The second ways on how to preserve roses in water using aspirin is quite simple too. Repeat the very basic things on how to do before you input the roses to the vase above. Then, put a crushed aspirin in the water. You can make it crushed by pressing it using the back of the spoon’s. Insert your roses to the vase.

Just let it be for three days and then repeat again by changing your water, cut again your roses and add another crushed aspirin. For a better result, keep your vase in the dark room when going for night and avoid of high humidity. That’s it, please have a try.


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