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How To Eliminate Durian Smell

Which Indonesian people are not familiar with Durian fruit? Many people enjoy Durian fruit due to the distinctive taste and smell. Durian fruit also known as the king of fruits. However many people  who hated this fruit too, yes because of the smell. Even in Singapore there is a ban on eating Durian fruit in certain places because of the smell.

So there are two kinds of people against the Durian fruit, which first is the person who is very happy with this piece – they usually doesn’t want to stop eating the Durian (want to continue to eat as much as possible as long as they could afford and still be able to contain stomach). The second type is the person who hates it very well, when they only kiss the aroma they will be ran away – yes, that’s people’s life, always pros and cons for everything.

But for Durian lovers (including me), I suggest you to neutralize the odor or eliminate the pungent odor from the mouth and our fingers after eating it, so we do not interfere with the people who hate this fruit when communicating with them. This is because if after eating Durian, certain mouth and our fingers will leave a very distinctive smell of the Durian. Then how we can remove the smell of Durian from our mouth or fingers?

The trick is simple, once you eat the Durian, you do not remove the skin (Durian shell) because the truth is the bidder smell is contained in the share of Durian (inner rind niche where Durian flesh and seeds attached). The trick is, pour water into the Durian share, then rinse mouth so that the smell is lost from your mouth or wash your hands (fingers) using the water from it to eliminate odors in your fingers, or drink the water from it to remove hot feeling in your belly as it is usually the Durian fruit can cause heartburn or stomach pain.

A variety of food was also a lot of benefits and negative effects, Durian fruit is also a lot of benefits but there are also negative effects, one of the negative effects which raises the unpleasant smell or make a stomach ache, but in fact the antidote is not far away as contained in the rind Durian itself. Perhaps as well as other things, any food that cause negative effects, I’m sure there are the antidote from the food itself. Just as if you are bitten by a cobra snake, to neutralize the toxins of cobra can be done by using anti-venom made from cobra venom itself.

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