About Me

Hello friends, I’m Rudi Ardiansyah from Indonesia – the archipelago country that have 17,508 islands. Writing is my hobby, but firstly you need to understand if my English is not good because I’m not a native speaker of English.

I made this portfolio blog as my personal blog and my media to share the world what I’m doing in my life. However I’m not a professional writer, but I’m trying to be a professional writer so I will write and write again to make me as a professional writer (I hope so) :).

I like to write about anything I found in my life and interesting. But, mostly I write about Traveling, Entrepreneur (my business as an entrepreneur), Fashion, Computers (mostly basic computers), Internet (mostly basic internet) and Insurance. Please click to the red link of my short description in my every slides pictures to read my articles.

In my articles, I always give you the original links as my references if the articles come not from my own mind – and mostly about the pictures in my blog is under creative commons license so I will give you the sources. All of my pictures in this blog is under creative commons. Thank you to them who make their great pictures under creative commons license. The last, thank you for visiting my personal blog, I hope you can enjoy my articles and found that my articles is helpful and be my returning visitor. :)

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Internet, Business, Fashion, Traveling, Insurance, Computer and Random